Frequently Asked Questions

What About Taxes?

 As an Independent Travel Agent you will be responsible for reporting your earnings and expenses. At the end of each tax year we will send you a T-4A on your total income earned.

Are There Any Start-Up Fees?

There are no investment or franchise fees. A nominal monthly fee of $75 is due to cover your license and insurance but that rate is reduced to $35 when agents earn $1,000 - $2,500 in monthly commission and 100% waived when agents earn $2,500+ in monthly commission. The only other expense is a one-time training fee of $99.00 to certify you as a travel agent.

How Do I Learn Everything?

Agents can choose a pre-recorded webinar, attend a live training class, or receive one-on-one training. Our team will ensure that you are comfortable with the booking process, accounting procedures, invoicing, marketing, and more. Agents are then enrolled in the 40-hour self-paced Travel Agent University that teaches the in's and out's of the industry.

When & How Do I Get Paid?

Commission will be direct deposited into your bank account twice monthly. Commission received between the 1st and 15th will be paid on the 20th and commission received after the 15th will be paid on the 5th of the next month.

When Do Vendors Pay Commission?

Every travel method is a little different but generally all cruise lines pay the commission when the final payment is made. Hotels and rental cars are typically paid on the day that the travel concludes and airlines do not usually pay a commission; but travel agents usually charge a service fee to book flights.

What About Insurance & Licensing?

We will ensure that you are licensed, certified, and insured so that you can sell travel throughout Canada. Any agent residing in Ontario must be TICO certified which costs approximately $35 per year. All agents are covered by a $2,000,000 Errors & Omissions Professional Liability Policy.

Do I Need a Web Site?

You don't need one, but we will provide you with one for free that doesn't require any ongoing maintenance. We also cover all of your hosting expenses as well.

Can I Hire My Own Agents?

Independent Agents can hire employees but they are not authorized to reserve travel on your behalf. You are the only agent authorized by our vendors, covered by the insurance, and authorized to book travel for your clients.

Will I Get a Chance to Travel?

Absolutely! We provide access to Familiarization Trips. In exchange for these free or very low rates you'll attend some classes and informative lectures while touring. Carnival, Cunard, Princess, and NCL all offer FREE new agent graduation cruises to learn more about their product.

Can I Book with Any Supplier?

Yes, you can book directly with any travel provider that you desire. Our agents also earn top-tier commission with each of our preferred travel partners which encompass almost every cruise line, car rental company, and hotel chain.

Can I Use My Own Business Name?

Yes, you can select any name that you like as long as the name is not registered. By using your own company name you'll have the ability to market your company as you like.  

How Much Can I Earn?

This position is commission based and provides unlimited earning potential. Some agents only book their own travel while others provide full-time services. The harder you work and the more that you book then the more commission that you will earn each month.